Klar Gentlemen's soap (Herrenseife)

Klar Gentlemen's soap (Herrenseife)


Made with organic vegetable oils Klar's gentlemen’s soap cleans and cares for skin with a classically masculine sandalwood scent.

Standard soap bars are rolled and pressed 3 times but Klar presses their soaps 5 times.  This results in a bar which will not go to mush  but remain perfect until the very last nub (to use a technical term)

Each 100g soap is wrapped by hand.

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More about the company- Klar

Klar is Germany’s oldest soap manufacturer. A family business for 170 years, Klar is proud of its heritage and its traditional production methods.  Klar have been using the same soap press for the past 100 years and their recipes have been handed down through 5 generations.     

Klar use the highest quality organic, ethically sourced plant based ingredients.