Asta Wine Glasses- set of two

Asta Wine Glasses- set of two


Set of two wine glasses.

Capacity: 200ml

Height: 14cm

These hand blown wine glasses are made using ancient techniques – a 17 step process which makes every piece unique.

 Small bubbles in the glass called Gispen are a typical characteristic of this traditional glassblowing method.

Elias Glasshouse has been producing glass in the same way since 1853- each piece is stamped with a butterfly insignia as a mark of authentication.

Variation in colour, bubbles and streaks are features of handmade glass.

Wash in warm soapy water. Not recommended for the Dishwasher.

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More about the company -Elias Lauscha

They have been producing glass in the Thuringian forest town of Lauscha for 400 years. The sandy soil of the forest, rich in iron oxide, is what gives the glass its distinctive green colour.

Lauscha can be credited with the invention of glass Christmas tree baubles in the 18th century and was put firmly  on the map when Queen Victoria’s German husband trimmed the palace Christmas trees with glass decorations from Lauscha.

It is also here that local glassblower Ludwig Müller-Uri created the first artificial glass eyes in 1835.

Elias Glassware continue to honour the heritage of their glassmaking tradition while innovating with environmental technology- their glassware is 100% recyclable.