Schönfeld Mohair blanket- Sky

Schönfeld Mohair blanket- Sky

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100% mohair handwoven blanket

140cm x 100cm

Mohair is a luxurious silk-like yarn from the Angora goat. It is nicknamed the diamond fibre for its natural lustre and sheen.

Durable and soft, it is the perfect insulating winter blanket as its structure contains thousands of tiny air pockets. Its moisture wicking properties mean cosy will never turn clammy and it’s also naturally flame retardant in case you get too close to the log fire.


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More about the company- Schönfeld

CGG  Schönfeld was created by Gottfried Schönfeld in 1952 under the GDR soviet government.  The company survived the Cold War and continues to design and produce handwoven textiles. They also make sets for theatre and film and bespoke carpets. The workshop is located in Crimmitschau in Saxony which was famous for its textile industry in the 19th century and was known as the city of 100 chimneys.