Stonemason's Flask- Russian Green

Stonemason's Flask- Russian Green


capacity: 1 litre

The Stonemason's flask can be used as a water carafe, a wine decanter, or a vase.

It is a replica of 18th century Bavarian Schlegelflaschen (stonemason bottles) – so called because they resemble the stonemason's hammer. The bottles were designed for transporting liquids in sealed bottles. A cord with a wax seal was attached to the neck which held the cap in place. The dimpled bottle allowed any sediment to settle.

The bottles traditionally have a highly pronounced pontil mark on the bottom. A pontil mark is the rough scar left on the base when the rod used to manipulate the glass is broken off. 

Formed from molten glass heated to 1200 degrees, mouth blown and finished by hand this is a particularly high quality glass with a finish that sets it apart from mass produced machine glass.

In order to preserve the brilliance and lustre of handmade glass we recommend washing by hand.

The Stonemason's bottle is also available in Crystalline and Antique Gold.


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More about the Company- Von Poschinger

Founded in 1568, Von Poschinger is Germany’s oldest glassworks. The Poschinger family have nurtured and protected their glass making knowledge and expertise for 450 years.

A team of four glassblowers work on each piece, keeping the glass at the required 1200 degree temperature. Once completed, the glass is cooled and then finishing touches are added before being tested for quality. Only perfect pieces are signed with the Von Poschinger seal.

It takes 10 years to learn the techniques of mouth blown glass. It is estimated that only 500 people in Germany have the skills. To keep the technique alive, Von Poschinger glassworks became a member of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Directory in 2015.

Perhaps the secret to the company’s longevity is this commitment to quality and an unwillingness to expand to an industrial size. Von Poschinger still only has 25 employees.