Universal Kitchen Scissors

Universal Kitchen Scissors


Length: 203mm Cutting edge: 71mm 

This is the all-rounder of scissors. The scissor blades are made of rust-free and exceptionally hard stainless steel.  They are hygienic, acid-resistant and anti-allergenic.   The serrated recess in the unbreakable handle is designed to open screw tops or even crack nuts.

These are serious tools for people who appreciate fine craftsmanship and ergonomic design.

Each scissor blade and every handle pass through numerous experienced hands to produce not simply a pair of scissors but a precision instrument that will last you a lifetime.

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More about the company-  Paul Scherenmanufaktur

Karl Paul founded this family business in 1886. The company grew quickly and his employees, quite literally, developed a “special touch” for scissor grinding. It takes great skill to hold a scissor blade on the grinding band at exactly the right angle. These makers are masters of their craft.

The combination of ergonomic design and optimal functionality guarantees the durability of these scissors. This small production house with just 65 employees is oriented towards sustaining the environment for the next generation and all the materials it uses are fully recyclable.

Paul Scherenmanufaktur is proud of its 125 year history and its total commitment to quality materials and traditional craftsmanship.