Deluxe Traditional German Breakfast Set

Deluxe Traditional German Breakfast Set


Perfect for the person who enjoys doing things properly. This elegant breakfast set contains all you need to lay a perfect breakfast table to create a luxurious breakfast for one.

In Germany it is traditional to light a candle for the breakfast table so this set contains a candlestick as well as a cup and saucer, a breakfast plate, a breakfast bowl and an egg cup.

The Onion Pattern deluxe traditional German breakfast set  is packed in our complimentary handmade gift box and wrapped in ribbon with your gift message enclosed. 

More about the Onion Pattern Design:

A misnomer, there is actually nothing oniony about the onion pattern tableware (it’s a pomegranate).

A design classic unchanged for 300 years, Zwiebelmuster tableware, as it’s known in German, was once compulsory gear for any young bride setting up home. 

The design is inspired by East Asian symbolism and represents time, cohesion and growth. You can read more about the design here.


One Cup and saucer 180ml

One Breakfast plate 21cm

One Breakfast bowl 14cm

One egg cup 5.9cm

One candlestick 8cm

Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.

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More about the company – Kahla

Kahla has been producing pottery since 1844 and has just celebrated its 90th design award.

Founded in the early days of industrialisation it has survived the upheavals of the 20th century.  It thrived as a state owned company during the Cold War employing 18,000 people but  in 1991 German reunification and privatisation brought it to the brink of bankruptcy.

Proud of its history it is now at the forefront of environmentally friendly technology boasting a solar powered production plant which treats and reuses its own waste water.  A green quality seal on all products vouches for porcelain made from natural resources and tested for harmful substances.