Why every home should have a permanent collection

It’s that time of year again when you reach for the decorations and remember (too late)  that last Christmas you had vowed to renew the stock. But now all you have are some neon fairy lights and two dozen blue glitter baubles (which seemed like a good idea at the time).

That’s why it’s nice to own some classic Christmas decorations that are built to last and can hold up against any deco trend (this year it’s all about layers of white).

Growing up we always loved unwrapping the red wooden hearts and the tinkling gold bells- German tree decorations passed down through the family for generations. No matter if they didn't strictly match the theme- one year it was all about multi coloured lametta- you just always had to find space on the tree for the hearts and the bells.

Handblown advent star candleholder. Made in Germany.

Handblown advent star candleholder. Made in Germany.

That’s why I love this advent star candle holder. The heavy green glass is translucent and adds a festive touch to the table without being too bling. Its  classic design and fine craftsmanship means it is worthy of a place in your Christmas decoration permanent collection. Of course having a permanent collection doesn't mean that you can't have fun with the odd on-trend spangly white bauble. 

The candleholder comes as part of our Deluxe German Christmas Treat Box. Also available gluten free

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