Made in Germany (By order of Queen Victoria)

Contrary to what you might think, “Made in Germany” is not simply a German conceit. In fact it was a British invention.

The Merchandise Marks Act, introduced in 1887, made it compulsory for foreign imports to be labelled with their country of origin. The move was supposed to deter consumers from buying inferior foreign goods that were passing themselves off as British made.

In truth, Britain was worried that German companies might rival their own manufacturers, particularly in the steel works of Sheffield and the Potteries of the Midlands.

And as the industrial revolution gathered pace something happened in the German manufacturing industries which would set them apart from the rest of the world.

Instead of just mass producing goods, German industry was developing a highly skilled workforce and an ability to specialise in custom made products.  

 “Made in Germany” came to be the ultimate own goal for Britain. Far from denoting cheap foreign imitation it became a mark of quality and distinction.  

Naturally, all of Spiero's products are made by skilled craftsmen in Germany from the highest quality materials.

Our Arzberg tableware still bares the mark: "Made in Germany" - although this is, of course, no longer compulsory.  

Today it's simply good marketing. Click here to browse our Arzberg range.

Tableware by Arzberg- Made in Germany

Tableware by Arzberg- Made in Germany