When luxury becomes essential

You might not  think a decanter is a necessary piece of equipment, or that it's important to drink from a particular wine glass to appreciate Burgundy. But then perhaps you are not familiar with Von Poschinger glassware.  The timeless beauty and exquisite craftsmanship of these pieces will make you believe that they are essential to your way of life.

Founded in 1568, Von Poschinger is Germany’s oldest glassworks. The company proudly upholds the traditional skills of mouth blown glass making- a team of four expert glassblowers work on each piece of glass. Only perfect pieces are signed with the Von Poschinger seal.

Here are 5 ways to bring a little Von Poschinger into your life...

1. Say it with flowers

Often fresh flowers arrive by surprise and we grab whatever receptacle we can to keep them alive. But fresh flowers are always a joy so why limit yourself to special occasions. The Bolero Vase is such a classic piece of deisgn that it will look good in any setting . But Most importantly you won't need to splash out on armfuls of peonies - even a few wild grasses will look elegantly stylish  in this archetypal vase.

2. Serve esoteric drinks from dainty glasses

It's well documented that drinks taste better in nice glasses.  The Palais glass is hand made to such a delicate thinness that it's perfect for tasting subtle flavours. Why not try a Gin and Dubonnet and see if you can detect the aromas of mint, cherry and walnut? Or how about a Suze on the rocks made from Gentian roots.  You'll be savouring the flavours of dusty turmeric, juniper and menthol pine. 

3. Drink Burgundy

Although the Burgunder glass  can be used for any red wine it is actually designed for the more delicate flavours of Burgundy. The wide balloon shape aerates the wine and captures the complex aromatics of the pinot noir grape. The shape also directs the wine to the tip of the tongue which accentuates sweeter tastes to cut the acidity of the grape. How will you ever drink Burgundy in anything else?

4. Pass the port

These decanters are replicas of 18th century Schlegelflaschen  and are perfect for serving wine or port. Decanting was seen as something you only do for  special vintages- where there might be sediment in the bottle.  However, current advice from those in the know say that decanting should become a normal part of your everyday dining as it aerates the wine and improves the flavour - vintage or not. The added beauty of decanters is that it improves the flavour of wine so much- even cheaper ones-  your guests may not notice you opted for a less illustrious label.

5. Turn dinner into a banquet

Channel 'Babette's Feast' for your dinner party table. Often called the ultimate film about food, 'Babette's Feast' is also a hymn to exquisite tableware. The film portrays the sensual awakening of a pious group of parishioners in 19th century Denmark as they are treated to a lavish dinner.  The table is laid with a dazzling display of china and glassware- a different glass for every course.  At first the puritanical guests are appalled by such extravagance but as the dinner unfolds, from one sublime course to the next -they begin to wonder how they will ever go back to their simple ways again. I'm not suggesting you cook a banquet every night but how fantastic to spoil your guests with an impressive array of Champagne coupe,  Römer glass and  Burgunder glass. Just ensure you have the requisite number of different wines  to back up your stemware statement.


You can take a look at the full Von Poschinger range here