How to Marie Kondo your Home and Pass on the Joy

My mum was a proponent of the Japanese idea that inanimate objects are our equals. She once apologised to her chocolate digestive after it slipped from her fingers to the floor. “Sorry biscuit”, she exclaimed with genuine regret.

In a similar vein, Marie Kondo, declutter guru, has  invented a whole system of organising your home so that the objects around you “spark joy”. Out with anything that isn't useful or beautiful but not before saying thank you and wishing it well for the future. Even if that means one in landfill.

At Spiero we curate goods that will be useful in your home and allow you to dispose of the disposable and concentrate on objects that bring joy.

Adding more 'stuff' to your life may seem counter-intuitive to this Sift/Sort/Evaluate philosophy. But we think that if you choose wisely you can furnish your home with objects that last a lifetime. And even pass the joy onto the next generation.

Here are a few things that we think Marie Kondo would approve of you hanging on to:

Glass Decanter

This hand made glass decanter is a replica of an 18th century Stonemason's Flask. It is useful as a wine decanter or a water jug but can also serve as a decorative vase. Rustic yet refined, the knowledge that it is the creation of 4 master glassblowers makes it difficult to discard. 

Onion Pattern Coffee Pot

This onion pattern design has been part of German households for 300 years. It was created when the fashion for chinoiserie was all the rage (the floral motif is inspired by East Asian symbolism). While fashions come and go this baroque style can look at ease even in the most contemporary kitchen.  There is something comforting about this Onion Pattern's old world charm.

Frankfurt Table Lamp

Eugene Bolich designed this lamp 100 years ago when electricity was the latest in cutting edge technology. Who knows what technology will look like 100 years from now but wouldn't it be amazing to still be using this design classic?

Champagne Coupe

Our 1044 glassware range is by the Von Poschinger family who have been glass makers for 400 years. Designed in the 1950s, this coupe will bring mid century glamour to any occasion. If you wash these glasses by hand there’s no reason you won’t still be using them come the next mid century. But if you do drop one don't forget to apologise. 

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