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The Secret Mindfulness Tool Hiding In Your Kitchen

Do you lay the table or do you serve from the hob and then grab cutlery, glasses, the salt, etc., in random increments as you attempt to eat? 

I ask because I put myself firmly in the latter camp. Even though I should know better.

It was my German granny who taught me how to lay the table. She would do so with proper linen napkins in napkin rings. But my granny had an advantage- laying a nice table was in her blood. They even have a word for it in German. It’s called “Tischkultur”.  

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What's all the fuss about Bauhaus?

When I tell people that Spiero is dedicated to German design they can look a bit bewildered.

We all  know about the cool minimalism of Swedish design and the chic cosiness of Danish Hygge,  but German?

Of course, what is often forgotten is the Bauhaus.

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Luxe Calme Volupté at Luca London

Is it possible that Luca got everything right?

The pistachio leather banquette. The  blush pink plaster walls. The marble counter. The pleated lamp shades. The brass and wrought iron. The linen. 

This decor isn't cutting edge but it is thrilling in its attention to detail. It is the embodiment of Luxe calme et  volupté -a line from a Baudelaire poem which translates as luxury, peace and pleasure. And that is exactly what Luca delivers.

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People Will Always Need Plates

I have just been to a  brilliant exhibition at the Jewish Museum in London on ceramic art. The last time anyone got really excited about pots involved Patrick Swayze (although The Great Pottery Throw Down could change all that).

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