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How to Marie Kondo your Home and Pass on the Joy

My mum was a proponent of the Japanese idea that inanimate objects are our equals. She once apologised to her chocolate digestive after it slipped from her fingers to the floor. “Sorry biscuit”, she exclaimed with genuine regret.

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When luxury becomes essential

You might not  think that a decanter is a necessary piece of equipment, or that it's important to drink from a  particular shaped wine glass to appreciate Burgundy. But then perhaps you are not familiar with Von Poschinger glassware.  The timeless beauty and exquisite craftsmanship of these pieces will make you believe that they are essential to your way of life.

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Box of Delights

You may recognise this image from The Grand Budapest Hotel, a film by Wes Anderson.  This film's designers deserve a  book to be written about them, never mind a blog.  A film that requires a set design for a 19th century cake emporium as well as a 1960s hotel lobby is extraordinary by any standards. And what breathtaking designs they are.

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