Engels Pillar Candle

Engels Pillar Candle


Diameter: 8cm, Height: 15cm, Colour: Ivory

The Engels original since 1933.  Hand poured pillar candle with a unique bevelled edge.

Each candle is polished with silk socks (they give the highest shine) and packed by hand.

Warning: these candles will not drip so if you are going for the gothic horror look these will not give it. They will burn cleanly and steadily. No mess, no smell, no drips , no stains.

If you care about the details these are the candles for you.


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More about the company- Engels Kerzen

The Engels family founded their business 80 years ago producing candles by hand in the little town of Kempen. It is fitting that the name Engels means angel, as the candles were made primarily for use in church. The company now produce a wide variety of candles for all occasions including floating candles for swimming pools but at Spiero we stock the original church candles. They still produce all the candles in Kempen with a team of highly skilled craftsmen. The expertise honed over 80 years produces a candle of the highest quality.