A few years ago my granny  gave me a family heirloom - a Bavarian coffee set which had been a present from her father.  I had never given much thought to the unmistakably German objects that filled Granny Susanne's English home but  this gift uncovered a story. In 1935 she had fled from Berlin to England: an escape only made possible by her aunt, Ella Spiero

I realised that the German things in Granny's house weren't just well designed, beautifully crafted classics, for Susanne they were essential connections to home. 
Many of my granny's favourite things are still being made in Germany, often in the same way, by the same family businesses, with the same dedication.  

I wanted to continue these connections to the past and encourage people to keep creating family heirlooms.

So I decided to launch Spiero...

Kirstie Millar